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What does a cat, and credit union's advertising have in common?

Vermont Federal Credit Union wanted a creative spot that would speak to appreciating local values. A lot of companies wish to take advantage of the local creed, but simply stating [more]

Creative Thinking in Advertising

More than anything else, creative, original ideas matter in advertising.  It’s why so many concepts are repeated ad nauseam.  You know what I’m talking about, you see them repeated - [more]

Simon's Obsessions Campaign

The first spot from our Simon's Obsessions Campaign for Vermont Federal Credit Union kicked off on October 7th.  Working with Vermont Federal has been a very rewarding experience and the [more]

Vermont Advertising Agency?

How do I find a Vermont based Advertising Agency? What do I look for and how much is it going to cost me? No matter what size business as a [more]

Video Production in Vermont?

Video production in Vermont? It's no secret that Vermont is home to many known, and unknown artist. It has been a save haven for many like minded individuals with the common [more]

RetroMotion Media Showreel 2012

We are a creative production company devoted to getting your brand seen. Check our some of our great work from 2012. From talking heads to blue screen compositing shots RetroMotion [more]