About RetroMotion


Starting in 2011 as a video production company, RetroMotion has developed into new media advertising, marketing producers and emerging media consultants. This evolution is due to the intermingling of advertising and marketing platforms. More often than not a brand’s marketing and advertising elements cross over platforms. As an example, your brand’s web video may be easily translated to television commercials or your online banner ads may translate to your magazine ads. RetroMotion prides itself on basing its media strategies on research, analytics, effectiveness and creativity.

From social media perception to creative video production for your website, RetroMotion can help your established brand or company pave a path to positive consumer awareness and perception. Your brand image is important and vital to your success. RetroMotion can get you on these platforms in a way that your customers have come to expect.

For agencies: RetroMotion wants to jell with you! We provide creative production services and/or consultation for video production, graphic animation, and radio production.


Christian Clark

Upon graduation from Ithaca, Christian moved out to LA, where he did production assistant and art department work on a variety of primetime television shows and national commercials. In 2004, Christian was hired at Warner Brothers studios, working directly for President of Marketing Dawn Taubint. In this capacity, Christian worked directly with A-list actors, producers and directors, often as a liaison between talent and Ms. Taubin.

After three years in Marketing, Christian served a short stint at Heyday Films, producer of the Harry Potter series of films. Christian continued to expand his expertise with A-list directors and talent while at Heyday Films, and in 2009 returned to his photographic roots by joining a boutique ad agency where he functioned as a producer, director and DP on a number of television commercials. During this time, Christian has also functioned as a Director of Photography on several short independent films.

Recently, Christian has returned to his home area in the Northeast and established Retro Motion Media, which offers advertising, television and motion picture production.

Justin Bunnell

Justin Bunnell is an editor, writer and graphics designer. Working with multiple agencies and filmmakers Justin has helped produce dozens of television commercials, online marketing pieces, and feature films. Justin has experience in multiple areas of production and post production bringing working knowledge, and proven creativity to his productions.

Justin Bunnell strives to create meaningful, targeted work that not only helps market a brand, but also contributes to the community. “At the heart of any brand, person or product is a story, and those stories real people will connect with on a personal level.”

Technology has leveled the playing field. The tools available today make it easier, and easier for just about anyone to create digital media. The meaningful, and powerful projects that stand out are created by collaborating with professionals that not only fully understand the tools needed, but also have an understanding of telling a story, and being able to market that story. Anyone with a computer and a cell phone can make images appear on screen, but will those images truly reflect your brand?