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What does a cat, and credit union’s advertising have in common?

Vermont Federal Credit Union wanted a creative spot that would speak to appreciating local values. A lot of companies wish to take advantage of the local creed, but simply stating that you are local doesn’t really mean that you know what being local means or what the value of being local is.

As a Vermont video production agency we studied the demographic that Vermont Federal wanted to reach, and devised a campaign that was entertaining, bold, but touched on the value of being local. Because Vermont Federal has been part of the community for so long, and because being local is in the name we decided to pitch the idea of appreciating what you have.

Some of their direct competitors at the time were advertising their features and/or interest rates. But,  we’ve noticed that all of the features are the same across all the credit unions. The only real differences were the customer service and the personality of the brand.

The concepts that RetroMotion help develop with Vermont Federals marking director help convey the message that Vermont Federal has always been here for you, and that they are approachable and fun. These light hearted advertisements are meant to build a brand not only based on numbers or features, but on also on personality. So, what does a cat, and a credit union’s advertising have in common?


 author: Justin Bunnell/producer & post-supervisor @

Creative Thinking in Advertising

mark_b&wMore than anything else, creative, original ideas matter in advertising.  It’s why so many concepts are repeated ad nauseam.  You know what I’m talking about, you see them repeated – or at least attempted – across your television and monitor every day.

In some ways, they can’t be blamed for their intellectual plagiarism, being creative ain’t easy.  Conceptualizing unique ideas and campaigns is rough, rougher still when you need to do it day in and day out for a plethora of products, services, and clients.

However, it is the key to being successful in this business.  Those that do it well, and often, sugar out while everyone else evaporates into the ether.  And what’s more, how does one measure the success of a creative ad versus an non creative ad?  Certainly there are many unsuccessful, and yet very creative, ad campaigns that have failed.  Moreover, there are probably many un-creative campaigns that have garnered huge success.  How do we measure creative success in advertising?

In today’s social media climate, it may be the virility of the campaign, but that to is a relative thing.  What causes a campaign to go viral on the Internet?  Unfortunately, there is no recipe for that just yet either.

In the end creativity and originality are nebulas concepts that are the intangibles of a good campaign and a great team.  They are not easy to come by, but once identified are readily acknowledged and admired.  It’s what we strive for every day at RetroMotion, and what we’re committed to perfecting for every client.

Below are a few of the Retro Team’s top pics for creative and original ads:


Dollar Shave Clun: One Wipe Charlies:

Norfolk Southern:

About the author: Mark Freeman is a producer and social media strategist for RetroMotion Media.

Simon’s Obsessions Campaign

The first spot from our Simon’s Obsessions Campaign for Vermont Federal Credit Union kicked off on October 7th.  Working with Vermont Federal has been a very rewarding experience and the entire production process with them has been a lot of fun.  ”Cupcakes” is the first of three Simon spots that will run on television and online.  To view the spot, please follow the link:

Kate’s Cupcakes from RetroMotion on Vimeo.

Vermont Advertising Agency?

IMG_2055How do I find a Vermont based Advertising Agency? What do I look for and how much is it going to cost me? No matter what size business as a new media specialist RetroMotion can help develop a thoughtful and strategic media plan for you. Your brand is important to the world let us help you get it known!

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